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Uses of Concrete You Should Know

Various components are used in making up concrete which includes the fine and coarse aggregates of gravel or crushed rocks and cement paste mixed with water that tends to harden and become solid over time. The fine and coarse aggregates are combined with the cement in a determined ratio which is then mixed with water to form a slurry. The cement and the water will chemically react forming a matrix that coheres the materials together into a material similar to a stone. The chemical process involved is referred to as hydration which results in solidification and hardening. Additive materials such as plasticizers may be added into the cement to enhance the physical properties of the resultant materials or even the slurry formed by adding some additives.

Concrete involves various activities such as concrete cutting, concrete pouring and making of concrete patios. Concrete pouring is usually done with the slurry before it solidifies and hardens since the slurry can easily spread. Concrete poring usually depends on where it is being poured and the form it will be poured which is usually a secured wooden perimeter. Concrete pouring can be done using locally available material which requires less lifting since the concrete is quite heavy such as a wheelbarrow which requires only tilting to pour the concrete. Concrete once poured should be spread over the surface to ensure that a flat surface is formed. A design can be made on the flat surface such as by using a broom to ensure that its slipperiness is minimized when the surface is wet. Proper maintenance of the surface will ensure that it is not damaged.

Concrete can be used in making concrete patios. Patio is a space outside the house that is paved for carrying out various activities such as recreation and dining. The main material that is used in paving the patios is usually the concrete although other materials may be used depending on one’s preference. Patterns and designs can be added onto the concrete while making patios making it look similar to other building materials. Mixing concrete with a base color, accent color and adding patterns makes the concrete patios look unique. The concrete prepared in such a way is long lasting, does not lose its look and is much cheaper than using other materials to make a patio.

Concrete cutting is also a common activity when dealing with concrete. Concrete cutting requires the use of appropriate tools and equipment and also personal protective equipment to avoid injuries. Several tools and equipment blades for concrete cutting are made from diamond hence the best diamond blades should be using mostly those that are faster and long lasting. Having suitable personal protective equipment is necessary in ensuring that one does not inhale dust produced during concrete cutting.

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