How To Get The Best Mattress On A Budget

So, the old mattress has become a torture chamber. In the morning everything hurts. The night is filled with tossing and turning to find a good spot. The problem is that the budget is not so big. Can a couple find a good, comfortable mattress for under $1,000.00? What about a lower budget? Using online mattress rating and purchasing advice sites might help. Go to a site and check it out. Then, go to a couple more rating sites and a consumer reports site or magazine and compare their findings.

What To Consider When Purchasing a Mattress?

First of all, set a budget for the new mattress. This is no place to be cheap or cut corners. Decide the largest amount available for a comfortable night’s sleep. Consider the fact that a couple spends one-third of their lives laying on a mattress trying to sleep. Set a budget to get the best mattress the family can afford. Since mattresses can run from a couple hundred dollars to over two thousand dollars, it is important to find good mattresses that fall into one’s budget and ignore the rest.

Then talk about the firmness each person wants in a mattress. Mattresses can range from very firm to very soft and everything in-between. If a couple is shopping for a mattress, they should decide what level of firmness will work for both of them. This may be the time to go to a local mattress store and lay on a few mattresses. Now consider sleep positions. Some mattresses work better for side sleepers, others work better for back or stomach sleepers. Then there are restless sleepers. Talk about health problems such as painful back conditions or arthritis.

Mattresses come in different materials and construction methods. Check out memory foam, innerspring, latex, adjustable air beds, and water beds. Each material has good points and problems.

Using The Online Rating Sites

Now, go online to one or more advice and rating sites for mattresses. A site such as Ted & Stacy’s Mattress Guide uses information from multiple rating sites plus their own research. There will be a section on mattress materials and on which materials are best for each type of sleeper, for those with back pain or other medical problems, and so on. Then they will break down the mattress choices by material and price points. Go to the website for more helpful shopping advice.